If you love music, dance and Fado (a popular Portuguese music genre), Portugal is a great choice to study abroad. From cosmopolitan Lisbon to the stunning beaches, Portugal has something for everyone. Explore the ancient cathedrals and castles, rugged mountains, open air markets selling fresh produce or folk festivals.

Soccer, surfing, dance clubs, fairs and festivals make weekends a truly fun time for young people in Portugal.

Culture & Community

You can live either in an urban or suburban area in Portugal. Expect to have a fair share of independence and responsibilities, like cleaning up after yourself and helping with the household chores. Portuguese families enjoy traveling together to visit their country house on weekends or spend time on the beach. Food is a big part of Portuguese life and a time for animated and long family conversations. 

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You’ll attend a public high school with other students your age, and you can choose to focus on science and technology, social-economic sciences, social and human sciences, languages and literature, or visual arts. Portuguese schools are challenging and have long hours, but they’re also a great place to meet people, make friends and learn the Portuguese language, history and culture.


The main language spoken in Portugal is Portuguese. To help you learn the language, AFS will give you a booklet and audio files. Hosting schools usually provide students with Portuguese-for-foreigners language classes, either individually or in groups.

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Em casa doente mas sempre a comer bem: Legumes assados com queijo gratinado vegan e salada de quinoa e rúcula. Isto são os restos do almoço de ontem (foto 3) mas desta vez adicionei rúcula. Os vídeos de ontem ainda estão no insta stories. Receita legumes assados: 1 batata doce laranja e 1 batata doce roxa 1 curgete 1 cenoura 1 cebola branca 2 cogumelos portobello 1 queijo bola de amêndoa vegan (Tudo da @hortadobairro ) Cortar os legumes em cubos e levar ao forno numa travessa tapada com papel de alumínio a assar temperados com sal, paprika, canela, azeite e pimenta (cerca de 20 minutos). Quando estiverem tenros acrescentar o queijo fatiado e levar novamente ao forno até gratinar. Servir com quinoa mista cozida do @celeiro_viverdecorpoealma (receita de ontem) ou fazer uma salada de rúcula e quinoa temperada com vinagre balsâmico. Adicionei sementes de sésamo e girassol torradas para ter aquele toque crocante. Bom almoço!! • • Home sick but always having a good meal: Roasted vegetables with melted vegan cheese and some arugula quinoa salad. These are leftovers from yesterday's lunch (photo 3) but this time I added arugula. Recipe roasted vegetables: 1 orange and 1 purple sweet potato 1 zucchini 2 portobello mushrooms 1 onion 1 almond vegan cheese (All from @hortadobairro ) Cut all vegetables into cubes, season with sea salt, paprika, cinnamon, black pepper and olive oil and baked them in the oven covering the tray with aluminum foil. When they are tender (about 20 minutes) remove the foil, add the cheese and bake again until it melts. Serve with mixed cooked quinoa from @celeiro_viverdecorpoealma (Yesterday's recipe) or add some arugula to the quinoa and season with balsamic vinegar. Topped with roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds for that extra crunch. Enjoy!! • #martilicious #martilicious_food #vegan #vegetarian #healthyfood #healthychoices #healthymeal #madewithlove #hortadobairro #vegancheese #almondcheese #queijovegan #youarewhatyoueat #foodstyling #foodphoto #instafood #instadaily

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Seafood is very popular in Portugal and other plates include meat, bread, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables. Pork, lamb, beef, chicken, and rabbit are all common sources of meat. You’ll also find lots of pastry shops with a world of sweets to discover and learn by name.

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