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Gubat Sorsogon Surfriders Association (GSSA) serves as an after school surf-mentorship program. They focus on developing the child’s academic aptitude, surfing abilities, and environmental awareness. We try to expand their world by traveling for surf competitions. This is especially unique since most of the local children have no financial capacity to leave the province and
see the rest of the country.  The organization tries to provide academic scholarship for surfers in need if possible. GSSA also maintain and manage the Buenavista Surf Camp. This is a community development project where they help the Barangay Buenavista develop livelihood systems that are connected with the surf camp such as cottage rentals, food offerings and event hosting. They teach the community to care for the area with regular beach clean-ups and
caring for our coastal waters.

Role: Volunteer Teacher and Programs Assistant

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days when the surf camp is busiest and when the kids are available. It is also important that the volunteer can spend time with the children for tutoring between 3pm-6pm. Suggested day off can be within Monday to Thursday or also one weekend and one weekday provided that these are not Friday or Saturday.

Détails du programme

  • Type de programme
    • Bénévolat
    • Cours
  • Lieu
  • Programme individuel ou en groupe

Inclus dans le prix

  • Hébergement
  • Placement au sein d'une famille d'accueil
  • 24/7 Ligne d'urgence
  • Repas
  • Global Competence Certificate
  • Encadrement continu
  • Préparation avant ton départ
  • Orientation pendant ton séjour à l'étranger
  • Ré-orientation
  • Personne de contact
  • Prise en charge à l'aéroport
  • Assurance maladie-accident
  • Placement au sein d'un projet bénévole

Ce de quoi tu es responsable

  • Billet d'avion
  • Transferts
  • Frais de visa et passeport
  • Vaccins
  • Excursions culturelles