AFS is committed to helping young people to go abroad regardless of their financial situation. That’s why AFS works with corporate and community sponsors and individual donors to help finance AFS programs through full and partial scholarships.

Available Scholarships

High School Program: Scholarship for financially disadvantaged youth

A lack of the financial means shouldn’t be an obstacle for participating on an exchange program. For this reason we offer scholarships for students and families, who otherwise couldn’t afford to participate on our programs. The amount of the scholarships depends on the financial situation of the applicant and can be up to CHF 4’500. For more information please contact Michela D’Amelio or call our office 044 218 19 19.


Volunteer Abroad Program: Scholarship for professionals

In collaboration with the Mercator foundation we offer scholarships for our volunteering abroad programs of 6 months or more.

  • You are between 18 and 25 years old
  • You have a professional degree (apprenticeship)
  • You want to become an active volunteer for AFS or another volunteering organization after your return

For more information please contact Marco Rotondo or call our office 044 218 19 19.