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Support an organization that provide shelter and care to senior citizens in need.
Volunteers lead reading programs for senior citizens, participate in activities and
workshops, and prepare meals/snacks. For many low-income senior citizens, this is the only day-to-day social contact they have and friendly smiles and hugs can have a lasting effect on the quality of their lives.


● Duration – 4 – 12 weeks
● Beginning any Monday
● Schedule – Monday to Friday, 2pm to 5pm
● Spanish Requirement – Intermediate (B1)
● Average Commute – 40 minutes via subway
● Culture Shock Level – Medium


The goal of this nonprofit is to help marginalized sectors of the community so
everyone has basic human rights and can enjoy a life within society. They run
community homes in Buenos Aires, one for children with behavioural problems
and another for the elderly. They also run a day center for the elderly providing
snacks, yoga classes, film showings, a library, and educational workshops to
50 low-income senior citizens in the neighborhood. It is a place where they
can go and be social, have a shower if needed and feel part of the community.


Volunteers will help with the afternoon
activities at the day center. Here are some
of the activities available:

● Assist with workshops
● Prepare and serve snacks
● Lead activities and games
● Be a social contact for residents


The community center is located in the neighborhood of Flores, about a 40
minute commute via subway from Expanish.

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