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Experience beautiful clear waters and improve your diving skills in this amazing location, Fiji. Here is where you will soon find out about the world under water in the South Pacific Ocean.

On this Project you will be working with volunteers from different parts of the world and you will be focusing on important marine inventory data as you take part in research dives.

The research that you will be doing on this program provides benefits. It assists the local community and organisations as well with making management decisions. It also assists with local community in a way that it guarantees food for the future generations to come.


Détails du programme

  • Type de programme
    • Bénévolat
  • Lieu
  • Programme individuel ou en groupe
  • Points forts du programme
    • New scuba diving skills
    • Underwater surveys
    • Getting to know the local community
    • School visits
    • Assisting in the creation of coral farms
    • Island hopping
    • Breathtaking scenery

Prestations comprises dans le prix de nos programmes

  • Hébergement
  • 24/7 Ligne d'urgence
  • Repas
  • Assistance au processus d'inscription
  • Global Competence Certificate
  • Encadrement continu
  • Préparation avant ton départ
  • Orientation pendant ton séjour à l'étranger
  • Ré-orientation
  • 70 ans d'expérience
  • Prise en charge à l'aéroport
  • Transferts
  • Assurance maladie-accident
  • Fournitures de bureau

Prestations non comprises dans le prix de nos programmes

  • Billet d'avion
  • Vaccins
  • Excursions culturelles