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The ranch that offers ecotourism as well as community development projects was founded in 2006, it is a non-profit organization that works towards creating awareness on environmental issues in the region. The organization wants to contribute to more sustainable development through the promotion of protectionist habits, attitudes and values among the Dominican people, what means that community participation is a key element.

The Eco-Ranch Project uses different methods and activities to promote their values, such as cultural activities related to music, visual arts and performing arts, both traditional and modern. The project seeks to be self-sustainable through the provision of services related to environmental education, ecotourism and cultural activities.

The volunteer will support the activities carried out in the community and help to develop material for lectures and workshops concerning environmental issues for teachers and children. He/she will also help with the formation of an environmental group for children from rural schools and can start a process of environmental training through creative activities such as dance workshops, initiating a children’s band etc. There is also the possibility to participate in the program « Fresh Air for young people », a program that aims to directly impact the young people living in slums, and helping them with their everyday problems such as violence, self-esteem issues, HIV-AIDS prevention and environmental sanitation.

Volunteers will work with direct supervision and lead from the staff. They will be directing, guiding and reviewing all projects work regularly. The participants will take part in an arrival orientation, a mid stay orientation and an end of stay camp. In these camps, important subjects will be discussed,  such as  the participant’s relationship and development with the host family, the project and the community.

Détails du programme

  • Type de programme
    • Bénévolat
  • Lieu
  • Programme individuel ou en groupe
  • Points forts du programme
    • Contribute to protecting the environment and supporting local communities.
    • Learn Spanish and experience Dominican culture.
    • Acquire important skills and experiences to help you in your future job life.
    • Enjoy the beauty of the Dominican Republic while making intercultural experiences.

Prestations comprises dans le prix de nos programmes

  • Placement au sein d'une famille d'accueil
  • 24/7 Ligne d'urgence
  • Global Competence Certificate
  • Encadrement continu
  • Préparation avant ton départ
  • Orientation pendant ton séjour à l'étranger
  • Ré-orientation
  • Accès au réseau mondial des alumnis
  • Présence dans le monde entier
  • 70 ans d'expérience
  • Prise en charge à l'aéroport
  • Transferts
  • Assistance aux formalités de visa
  • Assurance maladie-accident
  • Placement au sein d'un projet bénévole
  • Cours de langues

Prestations non comprises dans le prix de nos programmes

  • Billet d'avion
  • Frais de visa et passeport
  • Vaccins
  • Séjours