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The government of Guainía has set itself the ambitious goal to be a pioneer in social and participative inclusion, having the best education, sustainable production and green growth by 2030. The aim is to reduce social differences, to adapt to consequences of global climate change and to build stable peace in the region. In this framework, the departmental government of Guainía is offering a highly interesting voluntary for young people. Since Guainía is a remote region of Colombia it is lacking of quality in language studies.

In order to tackle these problems, the departmental government is searching for volunteers (m/f) who help improving the language skills of Guainian children between 12 and 18 years old and local staff. Hence, your English skills should be on a high or native level. You preferably should have further language skills, too, such as French, German, Mandarin or Portuguese. Further key skills that you should shouldn’t lack, are being empathic, independent, polite and good at work with children and teenagers in school age.
Your working hours will be around 25 hours per week distributed from Monday to Saturday. The program starting dates are preferably from February 2017 onwards. You should be able to engage at least for 6 to 8 months up to one year.
The departmental government provides food and hosting. You will receive three meals a day. Hosting will be in family rooms or independent houses. Additionally, you will receive a monthly economic help of 500.000 COP (ca. 170 USD). Any extra expenses have to be paid by yourself though.

The department of Guainía is located in the east of Colombia sharing borders with Venezuela and Brazil. It forms part of the Amazonian region of Colombia and is characterised by its vast forest landscapes and numerous streams that have strong influence on the local population’s life. The department’s population is about 41.000 inhabitants of which 90% is living in poverty. 80% of the local population is indigenous and mainly lives in small rural communities scattered along the streams and rivers of the department. The capital is Inírida lying on the homonymous river with a population of about 12.000 inhabitants living in its urban area.

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