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Miranda from Reinach

The moment you know everything you did was worth it is definitely when you hand over the house to the family. You could see it in their eyes how thankful and happy they were that they finally had their own house. They told us that it had always been a big dream and now it came to reality. The whole group was very moved when the ribbon was cut and the family set their first steps into their new home.

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A global perspective; a valued competitive edge

Stand out from your peers by adding “global” to your personal and professional identity. Stimulating AFS experiences provide young adults with a clear advantage in many ways and every profession—at home and around the world. That’s because living, studying, working and volunteering abroad helps you become more confident in unfamiliar settings, while sharpening practical cross-cultural skills valued in many universities, NGOs and workplaces.

AFS participants are supported by a Global Competence Certificate program that will help you better navigate your international experience and prepare you for a lifetime of cross-cultural encounters.

The Global Competence Certificate


This state-of-the-art Global Competence Certificate (GCC) program prepares you to successfully navigate new cultural environments—during your AFS experience and long after you finish the program. Online intercultural learning modules combined with in-person sessions help you develop practical and global skills, knowledge and attitudes that employers need and mission-driven organizations believe will help achieve their social impact goals.

Michael from Chur

Volunteering in Keny has been one of the most exciting experiences in my life. I am conscious to not having changed the world, but the children that I have worked with have started to enjoy going to school and have had the opportunity to get in touch with another culture. I am still in contact with lots of people in Malindi and strongly hope to see them again soon.

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Trusted organization. Proven track record.  Lifelong connections.

Born from AFS values, our adult programs are organized by a network of well-respected AFS and other organizations. We help adults find the right international program to achieve your personal and professional goals. Benefit from an international community of friends, qualified staff and passionate volunteers ready to help you achieve your dreams.

AFS has 70 years of experience in student exchange and intercultural learning. All of our adult programs are selected based on their adherence to high quality standards—standards that ensure that your experience is an exceptional learning opportunity in a safe and trusted environment, led by qualified staff and, in many cases, volunteers. These assurances have made AFS high school programs the gold standard of student exchange. As an AFS participant, you can rely on an experience that meets or exceeds the expectations of today’s global learner.

In addition to the programs, all AFS participants receive an added benefit of the Global Competence Certificate (GCC) program. This signature online and in-person course offers a blended learning approach to global competence and cultural adjustment and provides instruction before, during, and after your AFSNext program. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive the Global Competence Certificate—a benefit that solidifies and validates your abroad experience. In other words, your experience will stand out on a college application or resume.

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