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“Quatre Quarts” is an organization establishing an open minded and solidary space of exchanges considering the sensitization of environmental, cultural and social topics. It has the guideline of focusing the human being itself instead of profit. The project work is containing subjects such as creating links and organizing exchanges while being reflective and evaluative regarding the local community. The activities are organized by citizens and the partners of the organization. We try to embed as many people as possible in each event. Precisely, “Quatre Quarts“ is divided in four sections: A canteen, a library, a space for local producers to sell their products and the organizational section where the former mentioned local events are planned. Our organization is situated in the central station of Court Saint Etienne. The canteen We offer a little selection of local produced eatables, varying from the seasons of the year. The intention behind that is to establish a relationship between consumers and local producers in order to give the process of purchasing edibles a more personal and local touch. The library This section is providing books from independent authors matching with our guidelines and values: paperbacks, comics, novels, books for children, press reviews, books for cooking. The artisan section This section offers the products of local artists. The goal is to create links between the inhabitants and the artists to promote the local production. Each artist is invited to present his work. The activities We propose diverse activities for everyone willing to participate. On the one hand we organize specifically by “Quatre Quarts” developed programs containing workshops about literature, cooking or arts. On the other hand this section is bookable for citizens or local institutions in order to propose workshops, meetings or activities themselves. This has the purpose of fortifying the existing local structures and to favor meetings and thought exchanges. All in all, “Quatre Quarts” is an institution promoting local, cultural and associative concerns.

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