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The organisation reaches out to the Youth, Educators, Leaders and Management personnel in caring profession carrying out its mission among the youth especially the marginalized. Engage in conducting Researches on Youth and Youth Work Interventions. The Team reaches out to youth in schools, colleges, parishes and in the open settings with programs developed along the “Whole Person Paradigm”. The research department has identified the deficiencies in the present day educational programs and has developed programs to ensure that a more balanced person is the product of the system. The programs focus on the enhancement of the Self Esteem, Discovery of the Talents and Abilities in the person, finding the Meaning in one’s life, preparing for a life of Love, Social Awareness and Social Involvement. The team has developed research based relevant packages for the animation of youth in the schools. The non-formal education focuses on interesting and interactive learning through a participatory approach. A wide range of techniques are employed under the program, including painting, games, storytelling, peppier music, songs, quizzes, etc


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