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This public school with a focus on art and training for tourism-related professions was founded in 2000 with the goal of creating a new model of public education. Their aim is to give the best basic, secondary and professional technical education possible, while at the same time offering catholic knowledge and moral to the students. It is their vision that their graduates become active and creative participants in the building and development of the Dominican society. Due to this vision the school uses art as an important instrument in their education. The school serves around 1400 students in an industrial-residential area with a lot of marginalization.

The volunteer will help colleague in the office and with educational projects of different kinds. He will be an assistant of the coordinating teacher and the work will be a type of support. The participant will take part in an arrival orientation, a mid stay orientation and an end of stay camp. In these camps, important subjects will be discussed, such as the participant’s relationship and development with the host family, project, and community.


  • Programmtyp
    • Freiwilligeneinsatz
    • Unterrichten
  • Ort
  • Programm für Einzelpersonen oder Gruppe
  • Programm Highlights
    • Learn Spanish and get to know the Dominican culture.
    • Support children from the local community and teach them what you are good at.
    • Acquire new skills for your future job life while you enjoy the beauty of the Dominican Republic.
    • Make new international and intercultural experiences.

Im Preis inbegriffen sind

  • Unterkunft
  • Gastfamilie
  • 24/7 Notfallunterstützung
  • Verpflegung
  • Global Competence Certificate
  • Ständiger Support
  • Vorbereitungs-Camp in der Schweiz
  • Welcome-Camp im Gastland
  • Nachbereitung-Camp in der Schweiz
  • Zugang zum Alumni Netzwerk Weltweite
  • Weltweite Präsenz
  • 70 Jahre Erfahrung
  • Abholung am Flughafen
  • Transfers
  • Unterstützung beim Visumantrag
  • Kranken- und Unfallversicherung
  • Vermittlung des Einsatzprojektes
  • Sprachkurs

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  • Visum und Passgebühren
  • Impfungen
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