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Work with the local branch of an international non profit organization that exists since 1949 and focuses on the integral development of children and teenagers. It is a independent NGO that promotes sustainable social development.

The NGO offers direct basic services to the children to ensure their well-being and save development and to guarantee their rights, what includes education, health, nutrition and conditions of dignity. Furthermore they work with families, communities and other actors that are involved in guaranteeing rights and a save development for the children and work towards a caring and protective national policy. As part of the civil society they are motivated to promote sustainable social changes for the benefit of children who lost the care of their families or are at risk of losing it.

There is always a lot to do in the institution, the volunteer should to be able to do various tasks that the staff asks for, but also propose his/her own initiatives. Volunteers will work directly with the children under supervision from a staff member; this person will be directing, guiding and reviewing all work regularly. The participant will take part in an arrival orientation, a mid-stay orientation and an end of stay camp. In these camps, important subjects will be discussed, such as the participant’s relationship with the host family, project and cultural difficulties they might be experiencing.


  • Programmtyp
    • Freiwilligeneinsatz
  • Ort
  • Programm für Einzelpersonen oder Gruppe
  • Programm Highlights
    • Learn Spanish and get to know the Dominican culture while staying in a local host family.
    • Acquire new personal and practical skills to help you in your future job life.
    • Support children from marginalized families and teach them what you're good at.
    • Enjoy the beauty of the Dominican Republic while making intercultural experiences.

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