We, Queer AFS Switzerland, aim to be the contact point for questions concerning LGBTIQ+ topics during any AFS experience. Our main goal is the support, visibility and inclusion of queer people and their environment before, during and after their AFS cultural exchange year. We want to celebrate our diverse community and we are proud of who we are!

We need your help to achieve all our goals. We are especially looking for input and voices from the queer community, but of course everyone’s welcome!

If you are interested to actively work with us and be part of the Queer AFS Switzerland group, drop us an email or follow our Instagram Account Queer AFS Switzerland

Current Projects & Workshops

  • In the process of becoming a member of trans welcome!
  • Organising workshops with AFS volunteers and chapters.
  • Connecting internationally and nationally with other (AFS) LGBTQIA+ organisations.
  • Creating a living library. Queer exchange students tell (anonymously) their stories. If you want to know more or want to participate, please write us!

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Upcoming Events


November – Workshop @ AFS Volunteer Training
Summer – Queer AFS Switzerland Community Event
June 17th – Parade @ Pride Festival Zurich

Past Events


April – Attendance at AFS Switzerland General Assembly in Zurich
January – Workshop with AFS SUI Staff in Zurich


November – Workshop Somewhere over the Rainbow @ Volunteer Training in Vordemwald
June 18th – Birthday Celebrations & Pride Parade Zurich
March – Workshop Queer AFS @ National Chairs Meeting in Biel/Bienne


September – Volunteer Kick-off Meeting in Zurich & Pride Zurich
June 18th – First Official Queer AFS Switzerland Meeting & Founding Day
April 29th – Online Workshop organised by QueerTausch (Shuggi)


Evelyne Aschwanden

Evelyne Aschwanden (she/her)

Selection Interviewer



Paula Giger

Paula Giger (she/her)

Camp Counsellor, Trainer (Spot), A-Teamer




Patricio Velasquez (he/him)

Camp Counsellor, Family Contact Person (FCP), Trainer (SPoT)



Naomi Saillen

Naomi Saillen (she/her)

Camp Counsellor, Chairperson, Personal Contact Person (PCP)




Sara Leidinger (she/her)

Former Volunteer Support



Origin Story

Lisa Marti, an experienced AFS volunteer in Switzerland, initiated with the help of other volunteers a survey across AFS Switzerland to identify the need of discussing queer topics within the AFS community. They noticed that many people were interested in having more conversation on this topic. Lisa decided to get support from QueerTausch, a group of AFS Germany volunteers.

So, in April 2021 Shuggi from QueerTausch prepared an online workshop about QueerTausch and queer topics within the AFS community. Shuggi and other AFS volunteers started QueerTausch in 2010. Since then, they helped to make the LGBTQIA+ community more visible within AFS Germany and have supported multiple queer exchange students and host families during their AFS experience. This workshop and QueerTausch’s story inspired us to start our own queer group within AFS Switzerland.