The safety concept is continuously adapted and updated. Last Update: 19.10.2020

General remark: most Corona-measures and recommendations by the Swiss and/or Cantonal Government are solidarity-based. One of AFS’s key values is solidarity; as a consequence, all our activities will have to reflect that we are protecting the person we are talking to. This is why we as AFS have to adhere a role model function to these recommendations.

If there is a person that shows signs of a cold or flu, or any of the symptoms associated with a SARS-CoV-2 infection, this person has to test as fast as possible (covered by the Swiss government). If the person is tested positive, he/she will have to inform the contact tracing team where he/she lives immediately and give the contact of the person that organized the event, so that the contact tracers can reach all other participants; to speed things up, the organizers try to reach all participants. All participants of the respective event will have to go into a 10-day quarantine (starting with their contact date).

We strongly encourage the installation and activation of the Swiss Covid App.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]


General rules:

  • Stick to this Safety Concept
  • AFS under the current circumstances will not organize outdoor events for more than 15 people at the same time. You should wear masks at all times.
  • Keep an attendance list: and please send it to the AFS office ([email protected]) after the event.
  • Stay home if experiencing any signs of sickness
  • Keep your distance (1.5m), and wear a mask
  • Use your own drinking bottle  
  • If possible bring your own food otherwise guarantee that food is not shared between participants
  • Observe and follow BAG guidelines and the Website
  • Observe and follow the official guidelines of the respective canton
  • If organizing an event at the AFS office you’re responsible for cleaning/disinfecting the premises (before and after use).


A-Team (Hosting & Sending)


Selection Interview (+ Consulting)

  • Keep your distance and wear a mask
  • Clean + disinfect tables, chairs, door knobs and toilets before and after the interview
  • Let students enter in staggered order, 1.5 meters distance between each
  • Insist on students wearing a mask 



  • Camps are technically possible (19.10.2020), however, AFS Switzerland advises not to do in-person camps that include an overnight stay. During the evening and the night physical distancing cannot be guaranteed and therefore we cannot offer this for the time being.

For one-day (or less) events:


Info events (Hosting & Sending)

  • Whenever possible: do it online
  • Keep your distance (seating arrangements and chair distribution: 1.5m distance)
  • Everybody wear a mask
  • Clean + disinfect tables, chairs, door knobs and toilets before and after event


Home Interviews (Hosting & Sending)

  • Keep your distance (1.5m) and wear a mask
  • Clarify with family whether visiting is okay, if not: online video call
  • Each home interviewer can decide whether to make an in-person meeting or not


PCP/FCP Meeting (Monthly Contact)

  • If possible outdoors (or online), wear a mask (AFS does have a role model function in solidarity)
  • No need to keep an attendance list but the meeting must be recorded in Monthly Contact (this is our way to „Contact Trace“)


Chapter events and meetings (Rüümli, Stammtische, etc.)

We recommend not to have any official meetings for the time being. If you do them:


Trainings (A-Team, SI/SCP, FCP & PCP etc.)

  • For the moment: indoor trainings only if the room can be ventilated thoroughly every hour
  • Maximum number of participants (per room or group): 5 
  • Keep your distance (1.5m) and wear a mask
  • Clean + disinfect tables, chairs, door knobs and toilets before and after the training
  • Only allow participants to enter the office in staggered order, or 1.5 metres distance between the waiting person and the seat
  • Conduct training several times, possibly digitally


Volunteer Training

  • Will be an in-person training if the circumstances allow, but without overnight stays and with reduced number of participants
  • Please find here the Safety Concept of the Prep Team 



  • Who pays for masks and disinfectants used by vols?
    AFS Office provides them if events take place in the office => contact Customer Service to buy enough masks and disinfectants
  • If possible conduct same training several times with less people (check beforehand whether mixing online/physical is possible and makes sense)