To support AFS means to promote cultural exchange. With your donation you set a sign for diversity, friendship and peace on earth and stand behind the values ​​of AFS.

We are the largest and oldest non-profitable student exchange organization in Switzerland. The daily operation is mainly covered by the contributions of the participants. However, the cultural exchange is more than just a business for us. We do our best to be able to allow as many participants as possible to participate in the exchange.

Become an AFS sponsor - your donation is important for us

Here is for what we use your financial support:
  • We are convinced that cultural exchange should be open to everybody. We are committed to this by awarding scholarships. These are aimed at young people from financially disadvantaged families, both in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Student exchange is not the only part of AFS: We design and implement projects to bring people closer together. For example, the Intercultural Experiences for schools, where school classes learn about themselves and “the others” at workshops.
  • We want our AFS guests to feel comfortable in Switzerland. Our guest students and our host families want to be cared for: even if there is not always sunshine. When something goes wrong, there are volunteers and full-time staff around the clock to smooth the waves. But also when everything is at its best, we ensure that the families and guests can meet and exchange.
  • Our volunteers are the basement of AFS. In addition to time, volunteer work also costs money. It is important, that the volunteers are able to engage themselves competently. On the other hand, the supply of guests and host families also costs money. In their chapters the volunteers manage their own budget for events. We want to provide our network with all sorts of resources so that they can pursue their work unhindered.
  • All participant should benefit as much as possible from their exchange experience. We are therefore constantly working on improving our range and developing new ideas for intercultural encounters.

AFS has been anchored in the Swiss school and training system for more than 70 years and has been awarded the Intermundo quality label. As an association, we are democratically and transparently organized and create transparency through the publication of our business results. Find more information in the annual report.

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 Thank you very much!

P.S. In addition to private donations, AFS benefits from the support of the confederation, cantons and municipalities, foundations and company partners.

Even small things can make a big difference

You determine how your donation should be used. Please use one of the following notices on your payment:
«General donation» / “Scholarship funds” / “Corporate donation”

If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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General AFS donation


Through a non-dedicated donation you can support our work in general. Their donation flows to where they are most needed – be it in the scholarship fund, the promotion of our volunteers or a project for the cultural exchange in Switzerland.

Thank you very much for your confidence!

AFS Scholarship Fund


We are convinced that an AFS culture exchange should be open to all people. That is why we grant scholarships to young people from difficult financial circumstances. Each year, between 20 and 30 young people are allowed to exchange culture.

Every year, AFS Switzerland invests part of the operating income (including the general donations) in the AFS scholarship fund, which is supplemented by contributions from foundations and companies.

Our scholarship holders are grateful to you – and we as well!

Thank you very much for your support!

“To describe an exchange year in words is impossible. If I had to sum up my year in Québec with only a few words, they would be: unique, adventurous, educational and surprising. Especially the latter I have experienced every day anew. Every day, something unexpected happened, something new, something I’d never done before, and I probably would never have seen it before, so I would not have dared to step into an exchange year.”

Damaris, 17, in Saint-Basile-le-Grand, Canada