Descendants of the Aztecs and the Mayas, Mexicans enjoy a rich tradition of native legends, artistic expressions and diverse cultures.  The land of deserts, jungles, mountains and beaches also offers some notable modern architecture. Also, check out the lively conversations at local town squares featuring food and craft markets.

Family time, school and sports are important to Mexican teens. And friends go in town for movies, dancing and hanging out.

AFS Youth exchange in Mexico

Culture & Community

You can live anywhere in Mexico—from rural to urban areas.Families are usually the center of social life for many people. Some are quite large, including the extended family and unmarried children living at home. Parents can be protective, especially with girls, so please keep them informed about your activities. Actively helping people in need is important to local communities.


You will probably attend a private school during your year abroad in Mexico, with five or six classes a day. Expect to study subjects like Mexican history, Spanish literature or Mexican law, as well as a few electives. Uniforms are usually required. Don’t miss the opportunity to join a sports, theater or music group, if extracurricular activities are offered at your school.


Spanish is the main language spoken in Mexico. Having a basic knowledge of Spanish or English will be helpful.

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Mexican food is varied, flavorful and sometimes spicy. Tortillas, rice, beans, tacos, and quesadillas are staples. Don’t forget to taste the mole, a thick, rich sauce from the Mexican state of Oaxaca, and some of the delicious homemade fruit drinks.

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