Peru, the ancient heart of the great Inca Empire, is a country with an amazing history and exciting present. Explore its beautiful landscape, framed by the Pacific Ocean, the Andean peaks surrounding Machu Picchu or the tropical rainforests of the Amazon. Get to know Peru’s diverse population, which includes the Quechua Indians (descendants of the Incas), mestizos (a blend of Indian and European), and people of Spanish ancestry. And learn more about Peru and its people through traditional festivals ad carnivals.

Community activities and sports, especially soccer and volleyball are key to teen life in Peru. But for relaxing: Movies, dancing and hanging out at shopping malls, the town square or local cafés are top choices.

AFS Youth exchange in Peru


You may attend a private or public school. School usually lasts from around 8 am to 3 pm, and students wear a uniform. There are seasonal extracurricular activities in preparation for special occasions and holidays, like dancing classes or theater. Your school tutor and AFS contacts will also help you organize presentations about your country.


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Spanish is the official language In Peru, while Quechua is officially acknowledged as a second language. Having a basic knowledge of Spanish will be helpful.


Peruvian cuisine is well known and admired worldwide for its rich variety and influences from different cultures around the world. Staples of Peruvian cuisine are rice, potatoes, chicken, fish and vegetables, and food can be moderately spicy. Peru offers unique fruits, some only grow in this lush country.

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