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To achieve our mission and remain a recognized top-tiered international organizations working to make the world a better place, we invite all AFSers to stay connected to AFS.

Find out what’s new with AFS and how you can help make AFS relevant for more people. Say “Yes to AFS” and have a great time connecting with an exciting global community.

Join our online community at The AFS World Café!

Explore the AFS World Café, our global online community, to find the best way to connect with AFS. You can simply provide us with up-to-date contact information, find a role or activity that suits you or keep things social, connecting with friends. How you connect with AFS is up to you. Here’s some ideas to get started:

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Update your contact info in the AFS World Café and re-connect with AFSers in your program, your country and around the world. Catch up with old friends, make new ones and enhance your international network.

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Sharing AFS Volunteer voices from all over the world, one story at a time.
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Find out about our current topics on Facebook and learn how to support new participants at home and abroad.

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AFS Switzerland is also represented at Instagram, where we share exciting contributions from our great community.

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AFS Schweiz on Instagram

AFSers all over the globe are acting as changemakers and are making peace relevant again in today’s society. As volunteers, we want to make their voices heard and show that AFS is all about local and global engagement, diversity and social impact. We have created #VolunteerVoices to give any AFS volunteer a platform to make their stories heard. Because we strongly believe that at the start of every dream, change and impact, there is a good story.

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Take charge and create your own AFS alumni experience

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No matter how long it has been since you were in exchange: your experience remains. Has your exchange influenced you permanently?

Would you like to share your experience, photos and thoughts with others? You can stay active in a variety of ways. We are interested in your story and would like to learn more!

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A small gesture can havea big impact! Do you want to engage more? Then become a voluntary employee or voluntary employee and assume an important role in our network.

As your AFS experience continues, is in your hand.

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Check out AFS Adult Programs

Looking to go abroad again? Participate in an AFS adult program that includes internships, volunteer abroad opportunities, language learning and so much more

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Your donation can help deserving young people go abroad regardless of their financial situation. Scholarships help us expand our efforts to educate and empower more global citizens committed to our mission.

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What is AFS today?

AFS is an inclusive community of global citizens committed to building a more just and peaceful world. We believe appreciating, valuing and respecting different cultures and being globally competent are key ingredients to helping the world learn to live together.

AFS is an intercultural education organization that provides high school exchange programs and so much more!
  • AFS provides innovative study abroad and exchange programs for teens and adults.
  • Our programs include groundbreaking intercultural learning journeys for teen participants, host families, volunteers and staff.  Our adult programs include a global competency certification program. These structured and facilitated learning programs are customized for each group and supported by curricula developed by AFS experts and leading educators around the world. Learn in this Video what GCC is.
  • AFS shares ideas and expertise with local communities interested in building bridges across cultures by organizing social impact and changemaking projects.

AFSers knows how much we value volunteers and host families. Without their commitment and passion AFS would not be the organization we are today. But did you know that there are other ways you can stay involved, depending on your time, schedule, interests and professional expertise?  Even a small gesture can make a big difference.